Elope in St Louis

The word elope USED to mean "to run away with a lover, with the intention of getting married".
Today it means a small, quick, intimate ceremony without the stigma of running away or keeping it a secret.
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Kiener Plaza

Kiener Plaza is park in downtown Saint Louis. It is going through a major renovation and will be a great location to have a Simple Elopement or a Deluxe Elopement.

Some of the features in the new Kiener Plaza include:

  • 140+ new trees and a shade garden
  • The Courthouse Lawn for concerts and events
  • A playground for all ages
  • An interactive water feature (often known as a splash pad)
  • The iconic Runner Statue/Fountain
  • Seating, tables and benches
  • Street parking for easy access to the park
  • Improved lighting across the park


Secret Marriage

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I came across this article on About.com on Secret Marriages.  I perform a lot of secret elopements for couples who want to marry NOW and not tell their family or friends. There are many reasons couples come to me already married -OR- they want to be legally married in an extra small ceremony, and have a ceremony AGAIN somewhere else.  (I know this sounds confusing.)

You were secretly married in Las Vegas (or St Louis) and you didn't tell anyone about it.
Now you want the WORLD to know, but still keep the secret of Las Vegas.

The couple is having a destination wedding outside of the United States.  Marriage Laws are more strict is certain countries so they LEGALLY get married in St Louis and have, or had, the FAKE wedding at the destination.

He or she is being deployed and you want to get married before their departure.  Then have a bigger event when they get back from being deployed in the military.

Some couples want to have a secret marriage due to legal and financial issues. Others keep their marriage a secret because of family problems. There are as many reasons for having a secret marriage as there are couples marrying secretly.

Famous People Who Have Had Secret Marriages

Amanda Seyfried, Kate Winslet, and Megan Fox, Janet Jackson
(I'm sure there are others, but they are a secret)

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