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Elope at The Muny

Kendra and Tony
Deluxe Elopement at the MUNY in Forest Park

Elope FAQ

How do we get our marriage license?
See Applying For A Marriage License as the laws are different in MO and IL.

What is the waiting period, once we obtain a marriage license?
In Metro East IL you are required to wait 24 hours from when you obtain your license until you can legally get married.  In MO there is no waiting period - you can elope the same day!

Are these packages only for couples who live in the St Louis Metro area?
No, we are happy to arrange elopements for anyone, no matter where they live!

Are these packages available for all couples : gay or straight?
Of course! We work with all couples in love.

What are your packages and pricing?
The fees are based on distance and package. A Simple Elopement averages between $140-$300 and a Deluxe Elopement is between $500-$800.

Can I have chairs and ceremony decor at my outdoor ceremony?
Unfortunately we are not allowed to bring in these items (unless your have reserved it) but we will work closely with you to select a location that is beautiful and does not need additional decor.

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