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Elopement Planner

Elopement Planner : sounds like an oxymoron.

Why does Elope in St Louis exist?
When people think of elopements, they think of Vegas — a quickie ceremony with Elvis. But I think the term is evolving. I help couples organize a planned elopement, which is simple and cost-effective and can be done on short notice. If a couple calls and has a Missouri or Illinois marriage license, I can perform a simple elopement the next day.

How cost-effective, exactly?
Our Deluxe Elopement Package starts at $500, and it includes an officiant, flowers, and a wedding photographer. Your location can be in someone's home, restaurant, hotel, or park.  I work with Schnucks Floral to provide a small bouquet of something like roses or lilies with a matching boutonniere. Really basic — unless a couple asks for something extra. Most people don’t feel they need all these things, so a lot of couples choose the Simple Elopement Package with just a wedding officiant. In all cases, the ceremony is short, sweet and simple - about 3 to 5 minutes.

Eloping conjures an image of a couple running away and getting married in secret. Does that still happen?
I do get couples coming to St Louis on vacation or weekend getaway to get married. I see a lot of people who are just ready to be married. A lot of my job is expectation management: helping couples in finding a location, and applying for the marriage license.

Besides City Hall, where do people elope to in St Louis?
Most couples like Forest Park. I don’t know why it is considered a special place. Probably because there are so many choices of sites within the park to have a ceremony. I have also been to the Old Courthouse, and Tower Grove Park. For an additional fee, I will do research on Airbnb. I can help couples find an apartment that works as a honeymoon suite but also has a rooftop, balcony, or garden where you can have an intimate ceremony. You get a double bang for your buck.

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