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St Louis City Hall Elopement

Can you have an elopement for under $600?

St Louis City Hall Elope
St Louis City Hall Elopement

St Louis City Hall has a beautiful rotunda that allows couples to elope AFTER HOURS (after 6pm on weekdays or on weekends) for a fee. If you are having more than two witnesses, you need to clear the date and time with the Special Events Department at 314-589-6613.

NOTE : The Rotunda is not air conditioned. 
Usually it is not used between late May to early September.

Simple Elopement : $160 (Officiant Only)

Deluxe Elopement : $500+ (Officiant, Flowers, Photographer)
City Hall : Call 314-589-6613 for Facility Use Fee

A St Louis City Hall elopement can be a quick and easy way to go from engaged to wed without the stress of planning a major event. But why not make your trip to the St Louis City Recorder of Deeds a moment to remember?

Plan something unique and special for your trip to the St Louis City Hall!

St Louis City Hall Outside
St Louis City Hall Outside
Budgeting an event (big or small) is important, so make sure you have a budget in mind and that is is just enough to cover important expenses and to do something special.

For this example, our budget is $600.

The location - well this is easy since we are talking about St Louis City Hall. For elopements, there is no facility use fee, but you have to pay to park. Bring at least two witnesses (or up to 10 people).

elope in st louis at city hall

The cost of your marriage licence is about $48. Plus another fee to get a certified copy of the marriage license.

The wedding officiant makes the marriage legal. Set aside $160 for Carolyn Burke to perform a simple elopement that is short, sweet and simple. A Deluxe Elopement includes an officiant.

Set aside $50 for flowers that you can find at the grocery store. A hand tied bouquet is always stylish. Make it fun, wild, or simple so it can be city hall wedding worthy. A Deluxe Elopement includes flowers.

$200 can get you a professional photographer can be hired to spend up to 30 minutes with you before, during and after the elopement ceremony. A Deluxe Elopement includes photographer.

same sex marriage at city hall st louis
Same Sex Marriage at City Hall St Louis
The rings are something else that should be chic, but that doesn’t mean that they have to really expensive. $45-$100 can get you a beautiful wedding band set from Etsy.

And that about covers it!

There are, of course, a lot of different ways to go about making this budget work for your unique courthouse wedding. The important thing to remember is this is YOUR special day, enjoy it!

What is something special you would buy for your courthouse wedding?

-Entering city hall
-In line and waiting in city clerk's office
-Detail shots of dress, suit, bouquet, boutonniere, etc.
-Detail shot of marriage application/license
-City hall architecture
-Meeting the officiant, like Carolyn Burke
-The vows (holding hands, exchanging rings, a shot of the officiant, etc.)
-First kiss
-Signing the marriage license
-Detail shot of ringed hands
-Any reaction shots of the happy couple post-ceremony
-Leaving city hall (taxi, walking, etc.)

Any of you planning to have a photographer at your elopement?

st louis city hall rotunda
St Louis City Hall Rotunda

mezzanine level of st louis city hall
Mezzanine Level of St Louis City Hall

grand staircase city hall st louis
Grand Staircase at St Louis City Hall