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When the weather starts to warm up, it is normal for someone in my position to perform ceremonies that are considered an elopement. These type of events are simple, inexpensive, and special. It truly focuses on the couple and not on the guests you are trying to impress.

Small and intimate gatherings that take a few days to prepare can be just as special as the long-anticipated day with the many vendors, itinerary, and planning that go into a more traditional event.

I have witnessed the "quickie" where the couple decide to pick a certain date and do not even know their two witnesses to the long engagement with all the trimmings of a wedding weekend instead of a moment in time. I must say that while the couple are holding hands and reciting their vows of commitment and love - it is all the same !!

At the same time - no two couples are the same in how they express this commitment.  I realize the seriousness needed to assist two people who want to symbolize their rite of passage. Eloping may seem trivial to most of us who are used to seeing advertisements for the wedding giveaways and TV shows that produce amazing glitz.

All of these events serve only one purpose. It may be called a marriage, it may be called a civil union, but the commitment to bond with another person is one and the same. Regardless of gender, race, or creed. Love really does prevail.