Elope in St Louis

The word elope USED to mean "to run away with a lover, with the intention of getting married."
Today it means a small, quick, intimate ceremony without the stigma of keeping it a secret.
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Elope In St Louis Elopement Bouquets

We are working with Schnucks Floral to make your Deluxe Elopement Package unique and beautiful. Choose from the photographs below (use title under photo to order).

All You Need is Love
Baby's Breath and Filler Wild Flowers
Matching Boutonniere

Aster/Rose Mix Bouquet
Matching Boutonniere

Autumn Mix Bouquet
Mix of Pomps, Roses, Mini Green Hydrangeas, Hypericum, Statice
Matching Boutonniere

Baby's Breath Bouquet 
With Your Choice of Ribbon
Baby's Breath Boutonniere

Daisy Bouquet
With Matching Boutonniere

Red Rose Bouquet
7 Fire Red Rose Bouquet with Greenery
Matching Boutonniere

Garden Delight Bouquet
Mix of Roses, Asiatic Lilies, Hypericum, Solidago, Stock and Greenery
Matching Boutonniere

Mini Calla Lily Bouquet
White Mini Calla Lilies, Bluplerim.
Mini Calla Lily Boutonniere w/Accents

Mini Spray Pink Rose Elopement Bouquet
Two Mini White Rose Boutonniere

Sunset Romance Bouquet
Asiatic Lilies, Fuji Pomps, Hypericum , Roses, and Gerberas

Gerberas Boutonniere

Victorian Lace Bouquet
Roses, Carnations, and Hydrangeas
Hydrangea Boutonniere

White Rose
7 White rose Bouquet and Greenery
Medium White Rose Boutonniere

Wild Flower and Rose
Pink Roses with Aster, Blue Delphinium, Cuspia

White Rose Boutonniere with Accents