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Reasons to Elope

Many couples choose to elope early on, and opt out of the whole wedding hubbub from the get-go. Other couples elope amidst budgetary issues, family drama or just plain exasperation with the planning process. And some just do it for fun!

Whether you’re feeling fatigued by planning, or just want to save money, there are many realistic reasons for eloping. But there is also the risk of making your family hate you forever. (Just kidding. Sort of). I can sympathize! But before you decide to duck down to the courthouse to apply for a marriage license, consider these tips for a smooth, family-friendly elopement:

1. Be considerate of other’s investments – Do not elope if your parents have already sunk a few grand into a bigger event, unless you can pay them back quickly, or somehow recoup the cash. If it’s only your own money at stake, no biggie.

2. Don’t elope mid-argument – if you’re feuding with your family about anything wedding-related, don’t elope out of spite. That could result in years of strained relationships and thousands of dollars in therapy, on both sides. Wait until the bad blood has boiled down and you can calmly, rationally explain yourselves without offending everyone.

3. Hire a photographer – the sting of others missing your wedding will be softened by a few gorgeous wedding day pics. Hire a photographer to follow you around for an 30 minutes or more. Don’t just rely on a smartphone to document your big day.

4. Bring the family! If you really want them to be there – let them know what’s up! Many hotels and restaurants have packages that can accommodate a small party. You’ll want to invite a few BFFs too, to neutralize any family drama.

5. Elope within the first 3 months of your engagement – things will go a lot smoother if people haven’t yet had time to invest a lot of emotional effort into your wedding. Be sure to send out an announcement after you elope – so your family and friends feel loved, included, and in-the-know!

Article by Emily Anderson of SheFinds.com

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