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Top 10 Elopement Tips

You don't have to have the typical “Get married on a Saturday afternoon and party-it-up-reception”. You both can still have fun and the day can be everything you want it to be.

If you’re considering an elopement, my advice, first and foremost is to DO IT !! Most people have never said they regret eloping, but I’ve heard many people say that they regretted spending the money they did on their wedding.

However, it’s a huge decision to decide to elope so here are some elopement tips and hopefully, it will help you make a decision one way or the other.

Thinking about eloping? Here's 10 elopement tips to help you make your decision and be excited about it!

(1)  Make sure it’s really what you want.
If you have even the slightest feeling that you don’t want it, then think about it some more before you actually make the plans.

(2)  Don’t take the cheap route.
Plan an elopement because a big wedding will not make you happy. Even though eloping is way cheaper than a big wedding would have, stay in an amazing hotel. Get the Deluxe Elopement Package or customize one to fit your wants and wishes.

(3)  Consider inviting two friends or another couple.
Two witnesses are required in Missouri and Illinois, so why not bring your besties. Eloping can be only for a few hours at most. Treat them to a drink or meal and spend the rest of your day together as newlyweds.

(4)  Don’t get hung up on missing wedding traditions.
No bridal shower? No wedding party? Maybe you don't have rings yet. Sometimes you have to give up something you really didn’t care about in the first place.

(5)  Make a wedding look the way you want it to look.
All you need to get married is you, the person you are marrying, a marriage license, 2 witnesses (you don't have to know) and an officiant. Anything else is extra which means your wedding doesn’t have to follow the traditional layout of a long ceremony and a night reception with full bar and dancing…which turns out is super expensive!

(6)  If you can’t decide if it’s what you want, make a list with your fiancĂ© about what you cannot compromise on.
The list could say:  a special dress or clothing, great photographs, it's more about the honeymoon and traveling.  If none of them included a huge wedding, don't waste the money. If either one of you wants a big wedding, then a compromise needs to be made.

(8)  Don’t expect everyone to always want to talk about your wedding.
This was one thing that can be sad. Since not many people were there, it really was not talked about. You will get over it eventually. The story about how you eloped is a great social topic.

(9)  Do your research.
When you travel to get married, there are always differences than if you had gotten married in your hometown. Find unique and fun ways to Elope in St Louis. Know the rules about obtaining the Marriage License in the state of Missouri or Illinois.

(10)  Relax and have fun!
Post photos of the two of you eloping on social media. The surprise will make life interesting and talked about for weeks.

I hope these tips help you with your elopement!

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