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Top Five Public Places to Elope in St Louis

Top Five Public Places in St Louis for an Elopement Ceremony
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The marriage laws in Missouri require two witnesses to listen to the officiant presiding at the elopement ceremony.  In Illinois, no witnesses are required. Couples who want to keep the elopement a secret or confidential to family and friends may choose two individuals that they do not know.  That requires the elopement ceremony to take place in a public place.

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The Gateway Arch
With an average of 4 million people visiting the arch every year, there is always someone willing to witness the elopement ceremony.   You can choose to have the ceremony outside, in the main lobby, or at the top. (this location is under construction and is not a good choice for now - but the Arch can be a good backdrop)

Elope at the Gateway Arch

St Louis City Hall
This french-styled building was inspired by the Hotel de Ville or City Hall of Paris. The square rotunda is very unique and its central interior feature is a white marble rotunda, about 100 feet square, with a colored glass skylight above and a marble grand staircase. (Facility Use Fee Applies)

Elope at St Louis City Hall
Your Hotel Lobby
If you are a guest at a St Louis Hotel - we might be able to perform an elopement in the lobby. This requires a bit of work on your part to be sure there are two people available to listen to the elopement ceremony.

Moonrise Hotel Has a Great Lobby

Coffee Shop or Restaurant
Choose a location where the witnesses are not busy actually EATING their food.  A coffee shop is ideal as many patrons are sipping on coffee, chatting with friends.  Kaldi's Coffee Shop in Kirkwood is a popular place as my fee to officiate is only $50.

Elope at a Coffee Shop

Gateway Arch Elopement
City Hall Elopement
Coffee Shop Elopement
St Louis Hotel Elopement