Elope in St Louis

The word elope USED to mean "to run away with a lover, with the intention of getting married."
Today it means a small, quick, intimate ceremony without the stigma of running away or keeping it a secret.
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Nicole + Corey = College Sweethearts

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This elopement happened on a Monday in August.  Nicole and Corey have one year left of college at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.  They wanted to be married before heading back to their studies.

They liked the idea of being husband and wife and picked Bee Tree Park Mansion House to have an elopement.  Nicole's best friends were bridesmaids and witnesses and Corey's parents were also there for support.

Simple White Rose Bouquet

Wedding Ceremony at Bee Tree Park
Nicole + Corey liked a shady spot near the fountain

Words for Wedding Ceremony
The elopement ceremony is short, sweet and simple.

Many Blessings Nicole + Corey and Congratulations

Deluxe Elopement Package
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