Elope in St Louis

The word elope USED to mean "to run away with a lover, with the intention of getting married."
Today it means a small, quick, intimate ceremony without the stigma of running away or keeping it a secret.
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What to Wear When You Elope

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Couples who elope in St Louis are all ages, incomes, and formalities.  Some dress up in dress and suit while others come casual in jeans and sun dress.  There is no rhyme or reason and it is not up to me what you wear at the ceremony.  Below are cute photos of past couples who have tied the knot. Hopefully this will help answer the question, "What should I wear?"

Business Casual and Mini Elopement Dress

Simple White Summer Dress and Uniform

Simple Long Elopement Dress and Full Uniform

Lace Elopement Dress and Military Uniform

Casual Attire for a Simple Elopement